10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (2024)

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (1)

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU delivers incredible performance and cutting-edge ray tracing capabilities to gamers and creators at an accessible price point. As part of Nvidia’s Ampere architecture lineup, the RTX 3060 packs 12GB of GDDR6 memory and 3,584 CUDA cores into the compact and efficient GA106 chip. It provides major generational gains over previous 60-class GPUs, with up to 1.7X performance increase over the GTX 1060 and even surpassing the RTX 2060 Super.

With its combination of high speeds, upgraded ray tracing cores, DLSS capabilities, NVENC encoder, and Nvidia software integration, the RTX 3060 brings true next-gen graphics to full HD and 1440p gaming. It can handle the latest titles like Cyberpunk 2077 with maxed settings at 60+ FPS in 1080p. The 12GB VRAM also makes the RTX 3060 ready for content creation workloads as well.

However, unlocking the RTX 3060’s full potential requires providing adequate and stable power delivery. While the GPU has a 170W TDP rating, its peak power draw can surpass 200W. With transient power spikes factored in as well, a high-quality 550W+ power supply unit (PSU) is recommended by Nvidia. Settling for an inadequate or low-quality unit can lead to system instability, game crashes, or even component damage over time.

The importance of a suitable PSU for GPUs like the RTX 3060 cannot be overstated. The PSU converts high-voltage AC from the mains to low-voltage DC power that components can use. It has to deliver clean and steady power across multiple rails to handle the spikes and peaks that arise under gaming loads. Any fluctuations or drops in voltage can cause crashes, freezes, reboots, or other errors.

Additionally, the PSU must have enough wattage headroom and use quality internal components to operate efficiently for years of reliable service. As the metaphorical heart of a gaming PC, the PSU keeps everything powered smoothly no matter how demanding the graphics loads. An RTX 3060 will be held back without sufficient and stable current from a PSU tailored for its needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we have handpicked the 10 best PSUs to pair with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. Our recommendations cover a range of budgets, wattages, and form factors to suit different builds and needs. We have only selected units from reputable brands that meet the strict electrical and safety standards for delivering flawless power to an RTX 3060-based rig.

The PSUs we will be featuring include top-tier gold and platinum-certified models from Corsair, EVGA, Cooler Master, SeaSonic, NZXT, Thermaltake, Antec, MSI, ASUS, and Gigabyte. They provide at least 650W of capacity with 80 Plus efficiency ratings, giving you all the clean and reliable power an RTX 3060 craves under heavy gaming. Modular cabling, Japanese capacitors, quiet fans, and lengthy 7+ year warranties are also emphasized in our picks to give you uninterrupted high FPS gaming sessions.

By the end, you will have a definitive shortlist of the 10 ideal PSUs for powering an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 build for immersive high-refresh-rate 1080p and 1440p gaming. Our detailed recommendations weigh all the technical factors from wattage, efficiency, and safety certifications to quality components and noise levels. Let’s begin dissecting the best PSU options for your RTX 3060 GPU.

How to Choose the Right Power Supply Unit for an Nvidia RTX 3060 Graphics Card

Choosing the right power supply unit (PSU) is crucial for providing stable power delivery and peak gaming performance from your Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. While the RTX 3060 has a 170W TDP, its real-world power draw regularly exceeds 200W under heavy gaming loads. With power spikes factored in, experts recommend a minimum 650W 80+ Bronze PSU from a reputable brand.

In this detailed guide, we will cover the key specifications and features to look for when buying a PSU for your RTX 3060. Follow these tips to get a unit tailored to the needs and full potential of this powerful 1080p and 1440p gaming GPU.

Adequate Wattage for Headroom and Future Upgrades

The first requirement for an RTX 3060 PSU is having sufficient wattage or power capacity. Nvidia recommends a 550W PSU for the RTX 3060. However, it’s advisable to get a unit with at least 650W capacity. The extra overhead will ensure the PSU can handle transient power spikes and run efficiently without being pushed to its limits.

A higher wattage PSU like 650W+ also gives you headroom for future upgrades like installing a beefier graphics card or CPU. Additionally, PSUs operate at peak efficiency between 50% to 70% load. So a 650W unit will be in the optimal range for a system that draws 300-400W fully loaded. You also minimize the risk of overloading the PSU and triggering safeguards that lead to shutdowns or component damage.

Aim for a minimum of 650W when buying a PSU for an RTX 3060 rig for optimal performance now and future upgradability.

80 Plus Efficiency Ratings for Cost Savings

The 80 Plus certification program indicates the electrical efficiency of a PSU at different load levels. It awards ratings from 80 Plus White to 80 Plus Titanium for meeting efficiency thresholds from 80% to 94% respectively.

Always choose an 80 Plus Bronze or higher PSU for your RTX 3060. Higher rated PSUs like 80 Plus Gold and above can achieve over 90% efficiency. This converts a larger portion of the drawn power into usable power for your components instead of being lost as heat waste.

As a result, higher efficiency PSUs generate less excess heat, require lower fan speeds for cooling, and reduce electricity bills in the long run. With an RTX 3060 rig pulling around 300W at full chat, an 80 Plus Gold 650W PSU can save you a measurable amount versus an 80 Plus Bronze unit.

Target minimum 80 Plus Bronze, with 80 Plus Gold or above being strongly recommended for an RTX 3060 build.

Modular vs Non-Modular Cables: Flexibility vs Cost

Modular PSUs have detachable cables so you can use only the connectors you need and customize cable routing. Non-modular units have fixed cables, which can cause increased cable clutter and poorer airflow if unused cables are left dangling in the case.

Modular cabling enhances airflow for better cooling, allows for tidier builds, and reduces cable management headaches when upgrading components. The only downside is a $20-$30 pricing premium over equivalent non-modular units. Still, modular PSUs are recommended if you value a streamlined and future-proof build.

If going with a non-modular PSU, carefully check that it has all the necessary connectors for your components and allows for acceptable cable management. Avoid very cheap non-modular models with lots of extraneous cables.

Modular PSUs simplify installation and cable management for RTX 3060 builds, justifying their slightly higher cost for most users.

Long Warranties Signify Reliable and Durable Units

Reputable PSU brands back their quality engineering with warranties of 5 years and longer. The warranty length signifies the expected lifespan and reliability. Cheap PSUs often have no more than 1-2 year coverage, indicating lower build quality and durability.

For powering expensive components like an RTX 3060, you want a PSU that will last 5+ years under punishing gaming loads. Leading brands offer warranties between 5 to 10 years for their premium PSU lines, showing confidence in extensive testing and high-grade components.

Ideally, get a PSU with at least a 5 year warranty. But 7 years and above is preferable for long-term viability when paired with a powerful GPU like the RTX 3060. The warranty should cover defects as well as fan and capacitor wear.

Purchase an RTX 3060 PSU from a reputable brand that provides a strong 5+ year warranty for peace of mind.

Stick to Well-Reviewed PSU Brands for Reliability

The PSU powers everything in your system, so its reliability is paramount for protecting your expensive components. Purchase units from established brands like Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, Cooler Master etc. that engineer quality PSUs as their specialty.

Always check professional reviews on sites like Tom’s Hardware which test PSUs thoroughly for voltage regulation, ripple suppression, efficiency, and safeguards. User reviews can verify quality and longevity expectations based on real-world experience.

Of course, spec sheets don’t tell the full story, so avoid less proven brands marketing high wattages and 80 Plus certifications without backing it up over years of stellar performance.

Research thoroughly before purchasing any PSU, as your whole system is only as reliable as this crucial component. For powering RTX 3000 series GPUs, stick to reputable and top-reviewed PSU brands for flawless performance.

Do your due diligence by reading PSU reviews and opting for units from established brands with a track record of quality and safety.

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Top 10 PSU Recommendations

Corsair RM650x

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (2)

Top Pick







Cables stiff

The Corsair RM650x is one of the best 650W 80 Plus Gold certified fully modular PSUs to power an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. It provides extremely clean and stable power delivery to handle the RTX 3060’s 170W TDP and transient spike loads thanks to quality Japanese 105°C capacitors, single +12V rail design, and low ripple suppression.

The 80 Plus Gold efficiency results in over 90% energy conversion and lower electricity costs versus less efficient PSUs. This reduces waste heat production, allowing the RM650x’s Rifling Bearing 140mm fan to remain near silent even under heavy gaming loads.

As a fully modular PSU, the RM650x includes detachable flat ribbon cables for simpler builds and improved airflow with less cable clutter. It comes with two PCIe 8-pin (6+2) connectors to sufficiently power up the RTX 3060. The 10-year warranty is double most PSU warranties, showing immense confidence from Corsair in the engineering and rigorous testing that goes into the RMx series.

With its high-end internal components like 105°C rated Japanese capacitors, the RM650x is built to last through punishing gaming sessions and deliver years of smooth 1440p or 1080p gameplay powered by the RTX 3060. The cooling is optimized between the large 140mm rifle bearing fan, thermally controlled fan speed, and efficient circuitry requiring lower overall airflow. This keeps noise levels under 28dBA even when gaming, for an almost silent operation.

For RTX 3060 builders focused on low noise along with top-tier stability and efficiency, the RM650x is worth the premium over cheaper PSUs. No cut corners were made to achieve silent running, as evident from the 80 Plus Gold rating, Japanese capacitors selection, 140mm fan size, and 10-year warranty which is double the industry standard.

Of course, those on a strict budget may want to consider more affordable 80 Plus Bronze options that still offer acceptable performance for the RTX 3060. And RGB lighting fans are absent on the understated RM650x.

But overall, with its rock-solid electrical performance, whisper quiet acoustics, and excellent 10-year warranty, the Corsair RM650x remains a top choice for high FPS 1440p and 1080p gaming rigs powered by an RTX 3060 GPU. For those not limited by budget, it provides immense value and peace of mind that your power supply can keep up with Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series hardware for years to come.


10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (3)

Cost Efficient

The EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GA offers an excellent balance of performance, efficiency, and value as a 650W 80 Plus Gold certified power supply for an Nvidia RTX 3060 gaming PC. It provides stable, clean power delivery thanks to a single +12V rail design, DC-DC voltage regulation, and tight load regulation.

This 80 Plus Gold PSU achieves over 90% efficiency for lower energy waste and heat generation. The Adaptive Active Fan Control and large 135mm cooling fan keep noise to a minimum, ideal for quiet gaming rigs. The EVGA 650 GA has two 6+2 PCIe power connectors to fully support the RTX 3060’s needs.

As a partially modular PSU, the 650 GA includes removable cables for the PCIe, SATA, and peripheral connectors. This allows for simpler builds and cleaner cable management versus non-modular units. But the main 24-pin ATX and 4+4 EPS cables are fixed for increased durability and integrity. So those preferring full modularity may need to look elsewhere.

This EVGA PSU line comes with a 10-year warranty, double the typical 3-5 years of competing units. This highlights EVGA and Super Flower’s strict design and testing validation before release. Given its expected decade-long lifespan, the 650 GA is certainly up for providing stable power through years of 1080p or 1440p gaming with the power hungry RTX 3060.

The 650W capacity gives plenty of headroom now and for future expansion. EVGA designed the GA series from the ground up specifically for powering next-gen components like Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series GPUs. High quality Japanese capacitors, minimum ripple and noise, and excellent voltage regulation provide super clean power.

With its balance of high-end performance, efficient and quiet cooling, partially modular cabling, and attractive 10-year warranty at a reasonable price, the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GA is a cost-effective option. It meets the needs of most RTX 3060 gaming builds without breaking the bank. RGB lighting is absent for those wanting bling. And it lacks the full modularity of premium PSUs.

But for those seeking a reliable, efficient, and competitively priced 80 Plus Gold power supply from a trusted brand like EVGA, the SuperNOVA 650 GA checks all the boxes. It combines proven performance worthy of Nvidia’s Ampere graphics cards with sensible value for budget-conscious system builders. If you want a PSU to confidently power an RTX 3060 for high frame rate 1080p and 1440p gaming for years, the EVGA 650 GA is easily recommended.

Cooler Master MWE Gold 650

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (4)







The Cooler Master MWE Gold 650W power supply is an excellent 80 Plus Gold certified PSU option for an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 gaming rig. It combines high efficiency, modular cabling, and quiet cooling in a reliable package from Cooler Master’s premium MWE lineup.

With 80 Plus Gold certification, the MWE Gold 650W achieves over 90% efficiency for converting AC to DC power. This results in lower energy loss as heat while reducing electricity costs and thermal strain on the internal components. Efficiency remains high even at low loads, making this PSU ideal for energy conserved systems.

Cooler Master equipped this PSU with a large 140mm cooling fan and compliance with strict noise standards. The hydraulic bearing fan can operate under 40dBA for whisper quiet performance perfect for noise sensitive users. This is coupled with a thermally controlled variable speed fan to balance acoustics and cooling based on system load.

The fully modular cabling includes two PCIe 8-pin connectors to sufficiently power up an RTX 3060 GPU. Modular cables reduce build complexity and enable cleaner cable routing for improved case airflow and aesthetics. The flat black cables have a low-profile, stealthy look to maintain the system’s theme.

This PSU provides stable power delivery with minimal ripple and tight voltage regulation even under heavy gaming loads. High quality Japanese capacitors, DC-DC switching, and single +12V rail design enable excellent performance worthy of an RTX 3000 series build. Reliability is backed by a 5-year warranty.

With its 650W capacity, the MWE Gold leaves plenty of headroom for transient spikes and future upgrades beyond just the RTX 3060. Cooler Master optimized it for handling the next generation of power hungry PC hardware. An affordable price makes this a value option compared to pricier models with similar performance metrics.

Of course, it lacks some premium features like fully sleeved cables, RGB lighting, or platinum efficiency of pricier PSUs. And the 5-year warranty, while strong, falls short of the 10-years offered by certain brands. But for those seeking a top-tier gold efficiency modular PSU without breaking the bank, the MWE Gold 650W is a fantastic choice to unleash the full potential of an RTX 3060 card for buttery smooth 1080p or 1440p gaming. With Cooler Master’s reputation for quality and focus on quiet computing, this PSU will capably power an RTX 3060 build for years to come.

SeaSonic FOCUS GX-650

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (5)

Silent Pick





Bland design

With its combination of rock-solid stability, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, modular cables, and 7-year warranty, the SeaSonic FOCUS GX-650 makes an outstanding power supply choice for an Nvidia RTX 3060 gaming rig. It delivers reliable, whisper-quiet power to unleash the full potential of high refresh rate 1080p and 1440p gaming.

Built on SeaSonic’s decade-refined FOCUS platform, the GX-650 achieves over 90% energy efficiency thanks to its 80 Plus Gold certification. This results in less power converted into waste heat for cooler operation and lower electricity costs. The single +12V rail design, quality capacitors, and DC-DC switching enable stable voltages with minimal ripple for the RTX 3060 even under punishing loads.

The 135mm fluid dynamic bearing fan provides excellent cooling with a near silent acoustic profile. It can operate comfortably under 40dBA, ideal for gaming rigs in quiet environments. Fan speed adjusts based on system load and temperatures for optimal noise versus performance. This prevents the fan from spinning faster than needed.

Fully modular cables make for painless installation and cleaner builds. The GX-650 includes two 8-pin PCIe connectors for powering up high-end graphics cards like the RTX 3060. Only use the exact cables needed for your components for excellent in-case airflow and ease of maintenance and upgrades down the road.

The SeaSonic GX’s 650W capacity gives plenty of headroom for transient spikes, overclocking, and future expansion with more power hungry components. SeaSonic engineered the FOCUS PSUs specifically to handle next generation GPUs like Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series. The high quality internal components and rigorous testing easily support an RTX 3060 build.

With its 7-year warranty, consistent top-tier performance across reviews, and 80 Plus Gold efficiency at a reasonable price point, the SeaSonic FOCUS GX-650 hits the sweet spot. It may lack some premium features like RGB lighting and fully sleeved cables found in higher-end PSUs. But for a high-quality modular gold PSU perfect for powering RTX 3060 gaming rigs, the GX-650 is easily recommended.

For RTX 3060 builders wanting rock-solid, efficient, cool, and quiet power delivery, backed by SeaSonic’s trusted reputation, the FOCUS GX-650 is a fantastic choice without breaking the bank. Given its performance metrics and expected 7+ year lifespan, your RTX 3060 will be powered smoothly for years of immersive high FPS 1080p and 1440p gaming sessions.


10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (6)

Budget Pick



10-year warranty


Basic design

The NZXT C650 provides a great fully modular 80 Plus Bronze PSU option for more budget-focused RTX 3060 gaming builds. It combines stable power delivery, quiet cooling, and a 10-year warranty at an affordable price point.

This 650W PSU features an all black color scheme with sleeved cables for a clean, minimalist look ideal for showcasing modern gaming PC components through tempered glass panels. The flat modular cables make for easier installation and improved in-case airflow for cooler temperatures.

For cooling, NZXT included a large 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan optimized for quiet operation even under heavier loads. It complies with the near-silent 40dBA standard, making the C650 a great choice for noise-conscious users. This quiet cooling pairs well with the RTX 3060 to enable smooth high FPS gaming without excessive fan noise.

Efficiency comes in at 80 Plus Bronze, a notable step up from lower 80 Plus White units. While not as efficient as a gold-rated PSU, the C650 still provides good energy conversion and less waste heat than more basic power supplies. This contributes to the quieter acoustics.

While only bronze certified, the C650 still delivers excellent stability thanks to quality components like Japanese capacitors, DC to DC circuitry, and single +12V rail design. It can easily handle the power spikes and smooth power delivery needed for uncompromised RTX 3060 gaming performance.

The 10-year warranty shows immense confidence from NZXT in the C650’s reliability and lifespan. This is double the warranty of standard budget PSUs. For RTX 3060 gaming rigs focused on value, the C650 provides long-term peace of mind.

Of course, it lacks some premium features found in more expensive PSUs, like RGB lighting, platinum efficiency, or fully modular cables. And the single PCIe connector may require a secondary cable for power-hungry GPUs. But for the price, the NZXT C650 offers fantastic quality, quiet cooling, stability, and value for RTX 3060 builders on a budget.

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650W

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (7)

Reliable Pick


RGB Lights





The Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650W power supply is an excellent fully modular 80 Plus Gold unit well-suited for powering an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 gaming rig. It combines top-tier electrical performance, efficient cooling, and a 10-year warranty at a reasonable price point.

This PSU boasts 80 Plus Gold certification for over 90% energy efficiency, resulting in lower electricity usage and operating temperatures. Thermaltake optimized the GF1 series specifically for reducing waste heat to enable quieter cooling. This enables the large 140mm smart cooling fan to stay under 40dBA even under heavy gaming loads.

Fully modular cabling ensures straightforward builds and cleaner cable routing for maximized airflow. The GF1 comes with two 8-pin PCIe cables to sufficiently power up an RTX 3060 GPU. Only necessary cables need to be used for a streamlined build. The all-black cables and connectors create a subtle, understated look.

The single +12V rail design, quality Japanese capacitors, DC-DC voltage regulation, and low ripple contribute to highly stable power delivery. This enables steady voltages with minimal fluctuation for smooth high FPS gaming when paired with a demanding GPU like the RTX 3060.

Thermaltake built the GF1 series to easily handle power-hungry next-generation components like Nvidia’s Ampere RTX 3000 series. The 650W capacity leaves room for growth down the line, while the 10-year warranty provides long-term peace of mind uncommon among PSUs.

Of course, it lacks some premium accents like braided cables, RGB lighting, or platinum level efficiency of pricier PSUs. And the GF1’s typical $100-$120 pricing sits slightly above budget options. But for a high-performing and quiet 80 Plus Gold fully modular PSU perfect for an RTX 3060 gaming build, the Thermaltake GF1 650W hits the mark.

Given its excellent electrical performance, efficient cooling, fully modular cabling, and 10-year warranty from Thermaltake, the GF1 650W is easily recommended for RTX 3060 gaming rigs. It provides reliable, stable power delivery for high FPS 1080p and 1440p gaming today, and possesses the quality to continue powering upgrades for years to come.

Antec High Current Gamer Gold 650W

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (8)

Trusted Pick


Partial modular

7-year warranty



No RGB lighting

The Antec High Current Gamer Gold series delivers reliable, efficient 80 Plus Gold power supplies at reasonable prices. The 650W model is an excellent choice for system builders seeking a modular PSU well-suited for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card and high FPS 1080p or 1440p gaming.

Antec engineered the High Current Gamer Gold units from the ground up for stability and performance ideal for gaming systems. Quality Japanese capacitors, DC-to-DC voltage switching, and single +12V rail design allow for excellent voltage regulation with minimal ripple and fluctuations. This enables smooth power delivery under demanding gaming loads.

The 80 Plus Gold certification translates to over 90% energy efficiency for reduced electricity usage and heat generation. The large 140mm double ball bearing fan stays whisper quiet even when gaming thanks to the efficient circuitry producing less waste heat. Silent gaming is no problem for this Antec PSU.

While only partially modular, removable cables for the PCIe, SATA, and peripheral connectors allow for simpler builds and less cable clutter. The two PCIe 8-pin cables can readily power up any RTX 3060 card. The all-black flat cables keep a stealthy look through tempered glass panels.

The High Current Gamer Gold series is engineered by Antec specifically for meeting the needs of high-end gaming rigs now and into the future. The strong 7-year warranty shows confidence in its solid performance and components that won’t quickly degrade. Protection circuits help prevent damage to your valuables.

Of course, full modularity would allow for greater cable flexibility. And the High Current Gamer Gold lacks some premium accents like RGB lighting or platinum efficiency ratings that may appeal to some enthusiasts. But for an affordable and reliable 80 Plus Gold PSU to confidently power an RTX 3060 build, the Antec HCG 650W is a top choice.

With its combination of proven performance, efficient cooling, modular cables, and excellent value, the Antec High Current Gamer Gold 650W hits the sweet spot for budget-conscious RTX 3060 gamers wanting stable, quiet power delivery. Given Antec’s 25+ years of PSU engineering experience, this PSU will capably drive high FPS gaming and system expansions for years to come.


10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (9)

Future-Proof Pick







The MSI MPG A650GF offers a great 650W 80 Plus Gold modular PSU option for Nvidia RTX 3060 gaming builds needing efficient, reliable power. As part of MSI’s prestigious MPG series designed for powering high-end gaming rigs, the A650GF combines quality engineering with sensible value.

This PSU boasts an 80 Plus Gold certification for over 90% energy efficiency, resulting in reduced electricity usage and less waste heat. The 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan stays quiet through optimized cooling and a zero RPM Fan Mode which completely shuts off the fan under low loads.

The MPG A650GF features a fully modular design ideal for straightforward builds and clean cable management to maximize airflow. Two 8-pin PCIe cables can readily provide ample power for the RTX 3060. Only the cables needed have to be used for a streamlined build.

MSI outfitted this PSU with premium internal components like 100% Japanese capacitors, military-grade protections, and a single +12V rail design. This enables rock-solid stability with minimal ripple for butter-smooth gaming when paired with a powerful GPU like the RTX 3060.

This PSU line comes with a 10-year warranty, quite rare for computer power supplies nowadays. This highlights the strict engineering and testing validation MSI conducts to ensure long-term reliability. Noise levels stay under 30dBA for whisper-quiet operation.

Of course, it lacks some additional features like RGB lighting, fully sleeved cables, or Platinum efficiency ratings found in certain premium PSU models. And the typical $120-$140 pricing is higher than budget PSUs. But for a well-engineered 650W 80 Plus Gold modular PSU ready for RTX 3060 gaming, the MSI MPG A650GF hits the sweet spot of performance, quietness, and sensible value.

With its combination of top-tier electrical performance, efficient cooling, fully modular cables, and extended 10-year warranty, the MSI MPG A650GF is easily recommended for RTX 3060 gaming rigs. It provides fuss-free stable power for high FPS 1080p and 1440p gaming today, and the proven quality to continue supporting upgrades down the road.

ASUS ROG Strix 650W

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (10)

Aesthetics Pick



RGB lighting




Cables stiffness

Gamers wanting both excellence and styling for their Nvidia RTX 3060 build need look no further than the ASUS ROG Strix 650W power supply. As part of ASUS’s premium Republic of Gamers line, the ROG Strix 650W combines top-tier electrical performance, efficient cooling, modular cables and striking design accents.

This PSU boasts an 80 Plus Gold certification for over 90% energy efficiency, reducing electricity usage and heat generation – perfect for quiet gaming rigs. The 135mm axial-tech fan with Duo Ball bearings generates minimal noise even under heavy gaming loads. Fanless mode completely shuts off the fan under lighter loads.

Fully modular black-sleeved cables simplify builds and allow for excellent cable management and airflow. Two 8-pin PCIe cables can readily power the most demanding GPUs like Nvidia’s RTX 3060. Additional combs help align the cables for a clean aesthetic through tempered glass panels.

ASUS built the ROG Strix series using premium components like Japanese capacitors, MicroFine Alloy Chokes, and 10K solid-state capacitors. This enables rock-solid stability with minimal ripple for smooth power delivery to graphics cards. Rigorous testing ensures long-term reliability.

Unique design accents like aluminum ROG heatsinks, customizable RGB lighting, and laser-etched logos set this PSU apart aesthetically. Performance merits like 80 Plus Gold certification, fully modular cabling, 650W capacity, and quiet cooling still take priority. A 10-year warranty provides peace of mind.

Of course, the signature ROG looks come at a premium over plainer PSU models. And lacking sleeved cables, the modular connectors may not blend in as seamlessly. But for RTX 3060 builders wanting both excellence and style from their power supply, the ROG Strix 650W is a top choice. It injects iconic gaming flair into any rig while providing silent, reliable power for high FPS gameplay.

With its fusion of top-tier electrical performance, efficient cooling, modular cabling, striking style, and trusted ROG pedigree, the ASUS ROG Strix 650W is a worthy power supply for premium RTX 3060 gaming builds. Both substance and style are exemplified by this PSU to confidently power smooth high-resolution gaming for years on end.

Gigabyte P650B

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (11)

Budget Pick



5-year warranty




The Gigabyte P650B presents an affordable yet capable 650W 80 Plus Bronze modular PSU well-suited for budget-focused builds using the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. It combines stable power delivery, quiet cooling, and a long 5-year warranty in an understated package.

This PSU may only have a basic 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating, but still provides good voltage regulation and clean power delivery thanks to a 120mm hydraulic bearing fan, single +12V rail design, and low ripple suppression. Gigabyte didn’t cut corners with core performance to reach a lower price point.

Partially modular cabling allows for removing unused cables to improve airflow and reduce clutter. Two 6+2 PCIe connectors can handle the needs of more powerful GPUs like the RTX 3060. While not fully modular, the modular cables still simplify builds and cable management versus non-modular PSUs.

The 120mm fan stays quiet through thermally controlled speed adjustment and efficient circuitry producing less excess heat. Gigabyte optimized the P650B to run cooler and quieter than a typical budget PSU. Under 28dBA noise levels enable quieter gaming sessions.

This PSU line possesses 80 Plus Bronze efficiency for 82% energy conversion and lower heat generation. While not as efficient as Gold-rated units, it still provides good power savings over more basic 80 Plus White PSUs. Less waste heat contributes to quieter operation.

While it omits certain premium features like RGB lighting, fully sleeved cables, or Gold rating, the Gigabyte P650B still provides excellent stability and quiet cooling power for budget RTX 3060 gaming rigs. And the 5-year warranty inspires confidence in long-term reliability. For the price, it hits the mark for entry-level RTX 3060 system builders.

Given its combination of solid electrical performance, quiet acoustics, partially modular cables, and reasonable pricing, the Gigabyte P650B easily warrants consideration for cheaper RTX 3060 gaming builds needing quality 650W power on a budget. It won’t disappoint those seeking quiet, stable, and affordable power to drive high FPS 1080p gaming sessions.

How to Install and Connect a Power Supply for an RTX 3060 Gaming PC

After selecting the right power supply unit (PSU) for your Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 gaming build, the next step is installing and connecting it properly inside your PC case. Proper PSU installation and cable routing enhances airflow, reduces clutter, and makes future maintenance simpler.

Follow this step-by-step guide to install your new PSU and connect the necessary cables to power up your RTX 3060 gaming rig. We also provide helpful tips for managing cables cleanly to maximize air cooling and improve aesthetics.

Step 1 – Unbox the PSU and Prepare Accessories

Remove the PSU from its packaging and place it on a flat, non-conductive surface. Check that it came with the expected modular cables and mounting screws. Refer to the manual for details on the cables and connections.

Also have ready:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Zip ties
  • Cable sleeves or clips (optional)

Use an anti-static wrist strap if available to avoid static discharge damaging components when handling the PSU.

Step 2 – Open the PC Case and Remove Old PSU

Power off and unplug the PC. Open the side panel to access the interior layout. If there is an existing PSU installed, use a Philips screwdriver to unscrew and disconnect it from the motherboard and drives.

If it’s a non-modular PSU, carefully remove all hardwired cables from components as well. Tuck the existing cables neatly aside for now.

Step 3 – Install PSU into Case

Identify the PSU mounting bracket at the back top area of the case interior. Position the new PSU into place aligned with the screw holes. Insert and tighten the provided screws to secure the PSU to the case bracket.

Double-check that the PSU is firmly situated in the bracket and the rear exhaust fan is facing outwards. The PSU should be positioned for the modular cables to be accessible from their exit openings.

Step 4 – Connect 24-pin Motherboard Power Cable

Locate the 24-pin ATX power connector that will plug into the motherboard. Firmly insert the 24-pin cable into the socket on the motherboard until it clicks fully into place. Ensure the clip retaining mechanism secures the connector.

Route the cable cleanly through the optimal path to minimize clutter in the case. Avoid bunching the cable tightly which restricts airflow. Use cable sleeves/clips if desired to neatly align and fasten the cable.

Step 5 – Connect 8-pin CPU/EPS Power Cable

Find the 8-pin EPS power cable that will power the CPU. The connector may be labelled ‘EPS’ or ‘CPU’. Insert it into the 8-pin socket at the top left of the motherboard near the CPU socket.

Make sure the connector is fully inserted. Route this cable logically taking into consideration airflow and access to other components. Avoid twisting or tightly winding the cable. Use cable sleeves or anchors to neatly fasten it if needed.

Step 6 – Connect PCIe Cables to GPU

Locate the 6+2 pin PCIe power cables for connecting to your graphics card. For the RTX 3060, you will need two of these cables. Insert both fully into the sockets on the rear I/O bracket side of the graphics card.

Note the connector orientation and make sure the retention clips click into place securely. Route these cables cleanly through the case, using anchor points to avoid a tangled mess obstructing airflow. Keep cable bends gradual.

Step 7 – Connect SATA Power Cables

Use the provided SATA power connectors to interface your PSU with any SSD, HDD, or optical drives installed. These typically require L-shaped SATA connectors. Insert the SATA power cables firmly into the drive sockets until they click.

Group or sleeve-related cables that power multiple drives in the same area for a structured look. Excess cable lengths should be routed along existing cable pathways rather than left randomly dangling.

Step 8 – Connect Peripheral/Accessory Cables

Additional cables powering items like case fans, RGB lighting, USB hubs, or AIO pump units can now be connected to the relevant ports on the PSU or components. Refer to the PSU manual for pinouts. These peripheral cables often use molex connectors.

Aim to route these cables as directly as possible avoiding tangled routes. Group related cables together using sleeves or anchors for a cleaner look. Tightly bundle any excess cable to N/A ports in an out-of-sight area.

Step 9 – Tidy All Cables

Do a final inspection of the cable routing and tidy up any messy or loose sections:

  • Use anchors/fasteners to prevent sagging and maintain tidy groups or parallel lines
  • Route along edges behind metal channels whenever feasible
  • Adjust lengths and bundle any excess cable out of sight
  • Ensure no cable loosely obstructs fans and vents.

Correct any noticeable cable management issues for both aesthetics and unimpeded airflow. Opening both side panels provides a view of how the cables appear from all angles.

Step 10 – Close Case and Power On

Close the PC case side panel once satisfied with the cable management. Plug in and switch on the PSU. Power up the computer and enter BIOS to verify the expected voltages for the GPU, CPU, and other components. Enjoy your new power supply!

Following these best practices for neatly routing and securing the PSU cables results in reduced clutter, improved case airflow, and easier component access for future upgrades or troubleshooting. Take your time to get the cabling organized properly as an RTX 3060 build deserves a clean interior layout to maximize performance and aesthetics!

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Choosing the ideal power supply unit to maximize performance with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU comes down to factors like sufficient wattage headroom, efficiency rating, modular cabling, warranty coverage, and overall quality. After reviewing 10 top options from reputable brands, a few stand out as providing the best blend of features, performance and sensible pricing.

Wattage-wise, units with at least 650W capacity give enough overhead for transient power spikes and future upgrades beyond just the RTX 3060. Aim for 80 Plus Gold efficiency or above for lower electricity usage, cooler operation, and quieter acoustics thanks to less waste heat generation. Modular cables simplify installation and improve airflow. The warranty length signifies durability and reliability, with at least 5 years being recommended.

For budget-focused buyers, the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GA and NZXT C650 PSUs deliver excellent value at around $100 with 80 Plus Gold and Bronze ratings respectively. They offer ample stability, quiet cooling, and partially modular cables to avoid excessive wire clutter. Their 10 and 5-year warranties inspire long-term confidence.

Enthusiasts seeking premium qualities can choose between the Corsair RM650x, ASUS ROG Strix, and Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 models. All offer 80 Plus Gold efficiency, fully modular cabling, near silent cooling, and extended 7-10 year warranties for approximately $130-$160. Build quality is superb across the board. RGB lighting makes the ROG Strix stand out aesthetically.

Overall, the Corsair RM650x just edges out as the best PSU for the RTX 3060 if budget allows. It combines elite electrical performance including extremely tight voltage regulation and ripple suppression with a quiet rifle-bearing fan to enable whisper-quiet operation. And Corsair backs it up with an industry leading 10-year warranty. For uncompromising quality and reliability, the RM650x is strongly recommended.

Of course, budget is a key factor for most buyers. The Ryzen 5 5600X provides similar 1080p gaming performance to the 5800X3D for $130 less when paired with the RTX 3060. And the EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GA or NZXT C650 offer 80 Plus Gold and Bronze efficiency at lower costs compared to premium options.

Ultimately, all 10 PSUs reviewed offer stable, efficient power delivery for unlocked RTX 3060 gaming performance. Consider your budget flexibility along with any preference for fully modular cabling, RGB lighting accents, or maximizing acoustic qualities. With the right power supply chosen, prepare for high FPS 1080p and 1440p gaming that will stay smooth for years to come!

10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (12)

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10 Best PSUs For Nvidia RTX 3060 In 2024 - Buyer's Guide (2024)
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