How to Do V-ups Exercises: Benefits, Techniques & Variations | (2024)

Are you looking for a fun fitness challenge? The V up exercise or jackknife will be the best one for you to burn those ab fats and sculpt them. V ups are bodyweight core exercises that target multiple areas of the body simultaneously and are also called V sit ups. It improves your balance as you sit on the ground with the torso off. You can now try this workout at home at any place by just grabbing a yoga mat. But are you wondering how to do V ups effectively with no special equipment? Read on.
If you are a beginner, you can perform these core exercises with support from your hands and bent legs. But if you are at an intermediate level of fitness, you can add this abs workout to your daily routine without any second thoughts. This article will give you all the information you need to know about V ups.

How To Do V Ups?

Start this effective exercise with both feet and hands on the floor. Lift your legs by contracting the core and abdominal muscles at a slow pace. As your legs reach a 45-degree angle with the torso, extend your arms forwards toward the shins. You have to maintain a good posture with the spine erect throughout the exercise. Keep inhaling and exhaling deeply as you keep performing the move. Take care not to round the shoulders forward. As you reach the V-shaped position, hold the posture for a few seconds and increase the time as you advance. Then return to the starting position of the V ups workout but maintain having your abs engaged the whole time. Before you go back to the floor, hold the position for a few more seconds and repeat the movement as mentioned above as many times as possible.Do not worry if you cannot perform more numbers in the initial stages, as feeling the burn is more important.

V Ups Benefits

V up exercise is the best physical activity to improve the trunk and core balance as it targets the internal and external obliques and the hip flexors. The other advantages of doing V ups are:

  • It builds coordination, balance and core strength to maintain a good posture.
  • V ups benefits to the body are: Prevent falls and perform other physical activities better.
  • This move is similar to the boat pose with the legs in a V shape. But the only additional feature is that the arms are lifted in the air. People who are well versed in yoga and Pilates might find it very easy to perform it effortlessly.

What Are The Common Mistakes Done During V Ups?

To get the best from the V ups exercise, you must perform it without error. Some common mistakes are mentioned below to take care and make a move cautiously.

  • Swinging the arm when the legs are lifted is another mistake made by everyone. It lowers the core muscles effectiveness. So always start with the arms placed at the sides of your body. This will help the arms to remain parallel to the floor at the sides throughout the movement.
  • Rounding the shoulders at the topmost position is a standard error many people commit. Bending the back forwards during a jackknife exercise will add extra strain on the lower back and move the focus from the core. This will lead to an uncontrolled performance and prove ineffective on the abs.
  • Rounding the back is another wrong move that you should avoid with better concentration. This might prove to be dangerous for the back. So always have a straight line from the lower back to the neck and head throughout the exercising session.

What Are The V Ups Variations?

Seated V ups can be made more challenging with a few modifications. This intermediate ab exercise has variations, as stated below. Let us move from a beginner’s level. Start by supporting your trunk with the elbows to maintain more stability when you raise the legs off the floor. But once you master it, you can support the trunk by extending the arms. After you perform this in good form, have your arms parallel to the floor.

Another modified V sit ups variation will be keeping the knees bent at a 90-degree angle towards the chest during the lift. This version is quite challenging and will be very helpful to develop the core strength and build a good body form. The legs can be straightened back to the starting position as you lower them, and this modification must have the back and head in a straight line throughout the move.

How To Add V Ups To Your Daily Routine?

Follow the basic steps, and things will be elementary for you while per forming. Include V sit ups in your daily routine as it will help you gain more benefits. Add the V ups workout to your core warm-up at the beginning of your fitness session. This will help you increase your heart rate and pump more oxygen and blood to the muscles.
You can also attempt including it in between other exercises. When performing other seated workouts, you can consistently perform seated V ups in a flow to save time and maximise the body workout. This will ultimately leave you being more robust than before. Finishing your workout session with V ups will again spike the heart rate and offer more oxygen and blood to various parts of the body. So, schedule accordingly and incorporate the move in any part of your fitness session.

Finally, wrapping up, do not perform V ups exercise if you have any back and neck problems. It is always better to consult with a physician and continue with other medical complications. But otherwise, it is a safe move when done in a proper form. Take care to prevent the common mistakes stated above to reduce unnecessary spine or neck compression. Bear in mind this exercise will offer a burning feeling on the core muscles, but it is highly recommended to stop if you experience any sharp pain. Last but not least, do not attempt this exercise during your pregnancy as it might cause severe health complications.

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How to Do V-ups Exercises: Benefits, Techniques & Variations | (2024)
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